Sunday, September 4, 2011


Life is CAH-RAZY round here.

Our schedules are ridiculous.

And the whole concept of actually talking to/connecting with my husband has been foreign.

A friend of mine recently asked on a message board what helps you to connect with your husband. And I really had to think about that.

As I thought more about it, I realized what I really already knew, that we had disconnected a little bit with our crazy schedules and the nutso life challenges on our plate lately.

So this weekend we had a babysitter Friday night and after we both finished work, we went out for drinks. (I couldn’t believe I stayed awake, let alone went out in public after 11pm!) It was really fun, and something we used to often pre-Gianna. We are big people-watchers and enjoy just sitting, sipping our drinks & talking about everyone we see - so lady with the WAY WAY WAY too tight jean shorts from Friday night – please reconsider next time you want to put those on.

We were able to have dinner with friends on Saturday night, and despite the terrible service, had a great time catching up with everyone. We also ended up childless again thanks to my awesome parents – so we slept in today! And had a quiet morning to ourselves – it was perfect!

We so desperately needed to recharge our relationship and this was the perfect weekend for it. I truly love my husband more than ever, and I needed to remind myself of just why that is. Mission accomplished!

How do you recharge your relationship?



Delenn said...

Yay for Date Night!! We used to have a date night once a month (at least). Now that money is tight, we are having hard time with that, but I think we are going to come up with a creative solution for that....

One way that we try to connect is through IM. We are pretty much connected throughout the work day, which is kind of nice.

Also, my husband came up with a weekly "link" exchange. Every Thursday we send each other five links of things we saw that we wanted to share with the other person. It usually stimulates some interesting discussions.

Also, sometimes turning off all the distractions and playing a board game helps.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Wow...sounds like you did the right thing at the right time (however, it sucks that terrible service ever shows up on a rare night out).

We do what you do...get out of the house together. We occasionally leave each other little notes and we're always in touch during the day via gmail talk or FB messages. Most of our big convos occur that way.

I'm also having us each plan a handful of date nights for the upcoming year...Husband's already on board and has come up with his first one!

PJ said...

11:00! Whoa, you were living on the edge! :)

Once in a blue moon (every 6 weeks or so) we have family come and babysit, and we make sure to get out-usually dinner. Also, foodcentric people that we are, just having dinner together (actually at the table and not in front of the boob tube!) has been helpful.

We are bad about sitting in the same room and doing two separate things, ie. on our laptops...

VA Blondie said...

We have regular date nights, too. We also have date nights at home after we put the baby to bed. We usually do take out and a movie, but we sometimes play a game. We also eat dinner together after the baby goes to bed. It is a late dinner, but it gives us time to talk to each other about the day.

Mel said...

Date night once a month. Was obviously easier before there were 2 of them, but last weekend we dropped L off with grandparents and just made S sleep in her carseat in the booth while we ate good food and drank good wine. The most important thing you can do for your kids is have a great relationship with your spouse... I firmly believe this. You just have to make him #1 even when it feels impossible.

SO GLAD you got time to reconnect.