Sunday, June 20, 2010

Behind every man….

If you know me in real life, or have caught on by reading, there are a lot of girls in my family.


5.9  (38)5.9  (14)

Combine the 2 pictures and you have: 1 grandma, 1 mom, 5 sisters, 1 baby girl.

The ladies have it, hands down.  We are the women behind the men!

But that grandma gave birth to a son, who is my stepdad, Gordon.  Who is Papa to my little girl, lil lil G.  Her name does not start with a G on accident.  He is the best dad I could ever have, or known anyone to have, for that matter.  He might work much more than the average bear, but he knows how to relax when his girl is around.  I have never seen anyone melt in those pretty blue eyes like he does.  It makes my heart happy. 


(i am sure they are plotting who to “pow” next)

Okay, well maybe I have seen someone  else melt when those pretty blue eyes look up at them.  6.12  (1)

Her daddy.

My husband.

Mr. Mom, as he is during the week.  He stays home with her, loves her, provides a well rounded day for her.  He would do anything for his little girl, even if that means buying her miniature sized yoga pants like mommy’s.  Everyday I see him evolve into the kind of dad I always wanted (and now have): hands on, present, in love with his baby girl (& her mama).  It is amazing. And we are lucky that he gets to spend his days with her.

These are the 2 men that I want in my life forever.  That I want in HER life forever. 

Happy fathers day, gentleman – we love you.

You have truly earned your place in our hearts.



Danifred said...

What a sweet post! Happy Father's Day to your favorite men :)

renee said...

i am soooo happy that your mom found gordon! you deserve a good dad and she deserves a good husband!
and i am also so glad that mike has evolved into such a great husband and dad. you are a blessed woman! :D