Monday, December 21, 2009

Holidays, they are so sneaky

In case you were wondering, bloggerfriends, Christmas is THIS week. 4 days from today.
When did that happen??

I am 90% ready - one more gift to get, a few more to wrap and an outfit to figure out away from being ready anyway. You know, since I had to fight the crazy people on Saturday in order to get my shopping done because I had done pretty much nothing before that. I did get some good deals though, so it paid off I suppose.

I am pretty excited for the holidays this year - you know, being as it's G's first one. But I don't go all out on the whole "first holiday" crap. I want to get her an ornament but I haven't found any that I like - so I will have to keep looking even after Christmas. That is all she needs really.

We always open gifts at my mom's on Christmas morning - this year will be no different, just slightly later so we can do our own thing at home. And the in-laws finally gave in and are coming to my mom's for dinner that day - Gianna and her nap schedule are thankful for this.

This weekend I have been trying to get our house ready for the explosion of toys that I know we will be bringing home, despite my best efforts to steer everyone away from buying her a ton of stuff. I have just accepted it and now I need to get rid of all the "baby" toys so her "big girl" stuff will have somewhere to live. My problem is, I have no clue how to store these things safely. I have piled them all up in a corner of her room for the moment. Internets - how do you store things like baby swings, play mats and the like?

The reason for the season, however, is not at all lost on me. I want to dedicate a whole separate post for that though.

I am just in shock that Christmas is this week and the new year is quickly approaching.


Danifred said...

I've been trying to purge as well with all the new stuff coming in.
As far as storage, just make sure you take the batteries out of everything so that it doesn't corrode. Other than that, I just put everything in clear trash bags, label it and throw it in the basement for later.

andrea said...

i am glad you said that about the batteries because I never even thought about it! I like the trashbag idea.

renee said...

i did trash bags too and esp take the padding off of stuff (like on the swing and bouncy etc) so that they don't get moist if they are going in the basement. :D

afa christmas goes...well we are having issues about that over here. (christmas is the ONE time of the year i am happy joshs family loves coming over here lol) all i can say is be thankful that both of your extended families are being so accomodating. and we always get the pewter ornaments from things remembered for their firsts b/c they can't break or get ruined in any way. :D

Rachel said...

everything goes in rubbermaid containers and the big things, like swing get washed and put in a huge trash bag... has worked so far! All of my stuff has been through 3 kids and still looks great! I also LOVE kohls for ornaments...theyre 50% off right now, so I just got all 3 of my kids theirs! Good luck! I hope G has a very merry Christmas! And good luck steering people away..hasn't worked for me yet lol.

PJ said...

It totally snuck up on me too! I was busy being sick and all! I still have to swing by Barnes and Noble's and get my dad a giftcard, because I can't think of anything else. Oh well!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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