Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Recap:: 2009

Christmas Eve
The day felt a little off because there was no snow. Go figure.
BUT G was ready for this holiday show to get on the road.
ahem. HAIR BOWS!!!!

We visited the in laws. Gianna got some fun stuff to play with.
And by some, I mean a lot.Her grandparents got some cute pictures of their favorite granddaughter.
G went to bed pretty close to her usual time after visiting with her other grandparents, aunts and uncle first.

Mom & Dad got to play Santa!!

Christmas Day
we snuggled in bed for a few minutes, which is incredibly unusual for us.
Since her Laugh & Learn House was (obviously) not wrapped - she discovered it in our spare room previously. So when she saw it out - ready to be played with - she was really really excited. (no, seriously, she practically jumped out of my arms)

She got a few more things - and seemed to really like them. And the paper. Duh.
Then we headed to her grandma & grandpa's to have breakfast and open presents with my sisters, mom and step dad.
Lil lil G hung out with Lil G while we ate and passed out presents. You will never guess who had the biggest pile.....
She got tons of fun stuff. And promptly refused to nap. Because TOYSSSSSSS.
We changed her from her pj's to Christmas outfit #1 and let her play. So she would get tired.
Nap #2 refusal coming right up..... remember, TOYSSSSSS!
Next up - Christmas outfit #2 and hello cute!

more TOYSSSSSSSS. and over stimulation. and BOWS!!!

and more cranky.
and still, no nap.

she went to bed at 6p and we didn't hear a peep out of her until 7a.
her loving father put together a few of her toys so she could play the next day. We got a few things too.... and, I am impressed that people (err, my mom) reads AND pays attention to what I write because I got these books and am really excited about it.
it was a pretty awesome first Christmas for her, and us as her parents. The blessings she brings to our life are incredible.
Day After Christmas
(because this TOTALLY counts as a holiday)
I am pretty sure we can open up our own isle at toys-r-us, or really tick off anyone against the use of colorful plastic, with the amount of toys in our living room.

She seems to like everything. mostly.
the dirt off the floor still gets her attention the quickest though. And her shoes.


renee said...

yah for TOYSSSS! and omg the music table thing. jack was dancing like a crazy man when he got it. honestly it was the only thing he really gave a poop about lol. looks like G (and you guys) had an awesome first christmas! :D

Anonymous said...

your daughter gets more beautiful everytime I see her!

I bet Emma would love to play with her :)

Rach (I dont feel like signing in :D)

Colleen said...

LOVE the polka dot dress!

Tricia said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I can't believe how big she's getting!

PJ said...

Was it a lot of fun to play Santa? :) I can't wait for that part.

Danifred said...

Horrrray for toys! She is so darn cute, I love how much fun she is having! And really, who needs a nap when so much fun is ready to be had? (Does that even make sense :)

andrea said...

PJ - it was so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that hat she has on! lol Love her cant wait to see her tomorrow!! aunt jacqui

Mama Reg said...

oh my, what a wonderful christmas!! and just the best baby's 1st christmas ever!! :) i LOVE her cozy knit pink hat :) happy new year i hope this year brings you so many more wonderful memories and mike and G!