Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 7th

December 7th.
The day the most amazing man in my life went to heaven.
My grandpa.

Thinking about the possibility of moving and leaving my family for a better life is scary. But he did it, he moved from another COUNTRY, alone, with only a few dollars to his name. And he made it work. He made it more than work, actually.

I miss him everyday, but obviously I miss him more on days like this one.
Lately I have been thinking of him, and my grandma, a lot. Gianna rubs her ears when she is tired, so did grandpa. It is adorable.

Christmas was grandma's favorite time of year - every time I hear "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" it brings a tear to my eye because she would sing it to me and my sisters all year long whenever we did something we weren't supposed to.

Those two people loved us and each other unconditionally and it hurts my heart that my little girl will never know them.

But what makes my heart swell is the idea that my mom learned what she knows from them and she has already started to pass on that love and memories to her granddaughter.

I have no doubt in my mind that my mom and step dad will mean just as much to Gianna (and all future children) as my grandparents mean to me.

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Anonymous said...

Those are pretty big "grandma" shoes to fill! But I'm trying! I miss them everyday too.

renee said...


Danifred said...

What a wonderful tribute :)

Rachel said...

ohhh man that made me cry!! What a beautiful post :)