Monday, December 14, 2009

8 months of amazing

when you are 8 months old - the world is a fascinating place.
when you are the mom of an 8 month old - HER world is even more fascinating.

Some things I don't want to forget about her life right now:
  • When she is sleepy she rubs her eyes, pulls at her ears and yawns REALLY big. followed by burying her face into her lovie.
  • she can stand up. fall down. stand up.
  • this past week she figured out how to pick something up off the floor while still standing. it takes very much concentration.
  • her voice is a powerful thing. she says "dada, mama & hi" but not with a purpose
  • banging on things is super fun.
  • she knows her mom and dad and the excitement she gets on her face when she sees us is overwhelming.
  • she is very much my daughter - one of her favorite things to do is to play with her shoes.
  • she has given a new meaning to "baby proof" - we really try to use redirection rather than removing things from her reach - but like I've said before, she will make a beeline to the one piece of dirt/paper/crumb that you missed! who needs a Dyson....
  • yesterday she was wearing pants that were 0-3m. they fit perfectly in the waist. slightly short, but at least she didn't crawl out of them.....
  • she has been playing with an empty Gatorade bottle for the past 15 minutes. toys are totally overrated in her book.
She amazes me daily.
I wish I could bottle her determination, energy, and resilience.


Danifred said...

She sounds like she's keeping you plenty busy! It's amazing how quickly time flies, it's so nice to stop and enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

I Love her and I am so amazed with everything she does....give her Aunt Jacqui kisses and snuggles for me...