Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks for the Crazy

Last week & this week are crazy. And busy.

Last week I spent celebrating my best friend's wedding, stuffing my face with good food & working my ass off.

This week I will be catching up on all the papers & presentations that have yet to complete themselves all while missing out on a few girls nights out....... There are 3 presentations, 2 papers & 1 test between me and then end of this semester. It's going to be a long week...

But I haven't forgotten to count my blessings this week. There ae plenty of people that I am thankful to have (and, if I am being honest, to NOT have any longer*) in my life to share all of the crazy with. Because, you know, I wouldn't know what to do without all of this madness!

The little one still doesn't know what she's gotten herself into.....But hey, at least she's cute like her mama, right?

(more substantial posting and nonsense after this week is over)

*I will expand on this. next week.

1 comment:

Danifred said...

What a super cute picture!
Don't you just love the end of the semester pile on? I also have four papers and a presentation due in the next two/ three weeks.
It's on!!!