Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Soaker

Gianna earned a new nickname this weekend.
Super Soaker.

We woke her up Saturday morning - she is SOAKED. She peed. all up her belly....
I figured it was just a fluke, she was wearing a different kind of diaper than normal, afterall.

This morning, around 5am, she was all whining in her bed. She peed. up her belly. again. Not to the extent of Saturday, but still. I couldn't blame it on the diaper this time.

I don't know if she is just peeing more than "normal" lately or if she might, GASP, get to move to size 2 diapers..... [this I doubt considering how tightly we need to put on the 1's so they don't fall off] Or those size 1-2 huggies. What is up with those?

But you know what she HASN'T been doing as much of lately?
Puking across the living room! Wahoo to that. Unless, of course, I am dressed nicely - then, naturaly, she throws up all over me, because HELLOO MOTHER I MISSED YOU!
We still aren't switched totally to one formula - I am pretty much at a loss on this one. She's on 2 bottles of Ali/2 bottles of goodstart a day and cranky my BELLYHURTTTZ MOM-EEE in the evenings.
But is it the 2 together? Is it b/c she doesn't like Goodstart? Did the Ali really make THAT much of a difference? Should I just totally switch her and see what happens?


Mama Reg said... always i wish i had some advice on the formula?!?! good luck with that :)

but i can say, i remember when gabe started waking up with pee ALL over the place lol. and he was wearing size 4 diapers lol...and only had one bottle before bed?? its a strange mystery why those diapers dont hold!

i guess its because the diaper people want our money, we started getting the huggies night time dipes and those are a LIFESAVER! they are expensive, a little less than pull ups lol but one box lasts three months...just for future reference!!

all in all, super cute baby blog :) your baby is ABORABLE!!

Mel said...

I cannot believe she is still in size 2 diapers! What a wittle pumpkin! L has been in size 3's for over a month and I am pretty sure we had to put her in 2's at around 3 months. My child is a monster. They are all always loose around her waist, though, it was the length that was reason we had to move up sizes.
Glad everything is going so well!

alicia said...

wow! Ivy is in size 3 already, but she is kinda round! haha! size 2 is probably a good move if she is leaking, that's when I know to switch Ivy's diapers!