Friday, September 11, 2009

Hook Me Up

I know a lot of people are finding ways to cut back these days - Me included.

Only, I don't think I being very efficient.
Sure, I cut coupons here and there. We eat in more. I pack my lunch. We find free things to do on the weekends.

But I am SURE there is more out there - a whole area of untapped $$ saving opportunity that I am missing!

One of my new "finds" is this website. I am sure I am late on this, but the deals I found on diapers and other baby things through Baby Cheapskate are really nice.

I want to know bloggers - what do you do to save money and where do you look for good deals? Are there other websites out there that I don't know about? If you give me the link I will post in the sidebar for all to enjoy.


renee said...

i havent signed up yet. but my bff does the "grocery game". right now you can get 4 wks free. it sort of compiles lists of what is on sale so you can stock up and they give extra coupones etc.

The Red Headed Mama said...

We don't watch tv much at all so we cut back our dish (we pay through the landlord) and signed up for Netflix. We have an XBox 360 so we can watch movies/tv via netflix through that. It's like HBO on demand, only better!

I am on the cheapest cell phone plan and DH has his through work.

I'm so bad about coupons...I clip and then forget to use them! I buy a lot in bulk and signed up with BJ's instead of Sams b/c they take coupons. Their prices are comparable and they send out their own coupon books each month. I save a ton doing that for lunch stuff (Aiden packs) and baby stuff. We eat in a ton and if I could kick my darn starbucks habit we'd be good!

I think next month we're going to try the envelope theory (I think it's Dave Ramsey) you put X money for groceries X for "extra" X for bills etc and when it's gone, it's gone.
Good luck!!

Andi said...

My favorite new website is to find online coupons and deals. LOVE.

We've also cut back our DirecTV plan (except DH's dealbreaker was the Sunday Ticket. He won't give that up *eye roll*), cut back on cellphone plans, etc etc. I've been trying to pack my lunch too. It's amazing how much you can mindlessly spend on food/drinks if you don't pay attention!

Rachel said...

BEST website ever:!

Kara said...

I was at target and buying formula. I ran across a woman in the isle seeing me buy the target brand "up and up" of formula. and there is a number on the can that you can recieve 3 dollars off coupon a month. (but if you get everyone you know to sign up it's more efficient LoL) This formula is equivilant to enfamil.

I try to buy the "store" brands of foods. Like if you go to walmar you can get the great value brand which is just as good, but cheaper.

Giant eagle actually has great prices on diapers and baby food. They had luvs for 2 for 13 dollars. and the baby food is 10 jars for 4.50.

Walmart has beechnut cereal and oatmeal for 40 cents cheaper than gerber.

I ALWAYS always hit the clearance racks.

K-mart has layaway. That is how I got Kohen his school clothes. You have 8 weeks to pay it off. (good idea for christmas presents)

I go to the diaper and formula websites and sign up to be on their lists. I recieve samples and coupons in the mail weekly.

I am a bargain shopper lol. Hope this helps!