Monday, September 21, 2009

Hold it RIGHT there

Every day I am more amazed at the little person unfolding before my eyes.
She even has bed head.
We started w/ spoon feeding last week - cereal it is. She thinks it is pretty fun.
Also, we are working on weaning her off of the Ali and on to cheaper (err... regular...) formula. It is going ok, she has her moments but I think overall we'll be successful with it.
Next step after that is complete - baby food. I want to make my own, but haven't gotten there yet. Any tips on that would be AWESOME!

Also - the little one is gettng teeth. For sure. There aren't any visible bumps or anything in her mouth yet, but OHMYGOODNESS does she chew on everything. And she does this crazy thing where she basically punches herself in the mouth.
I've heard good things about the Highlands Teething Tablets, so those are on the next grocery list for when she get super miserable. Are there any other good tips/tricks to help them get through teething?
I can't believe how much she has changed in the last few weeks, Mike and I were just talking about how much happier she is since her reflux is under better control and her personality is starting to shine through.

The other big development in Miss G's life - she can move.
Not quite crawling, but she can get to where she wants to go by wiggling her way over.
Her mother is not ready for this.

Thanks for all the good $$saving tips and tricks! Check out the sidebar - I added some good websites over there if anyone else is interested.


Anonymous said...

she it toooo much I cant get enough of her!! and once again she is making my baby fever rise!! love you guys!! love aunt jacqui

Kara said...

It's amazing how a little blob can grow so fast and have such a BIG personality at such a young age.. I'm glad to hear that her reflux is better. That, I'm sure, had to be rough. I find the generic brands of formula to be just as good and much cheaper. as far as the teething thing.. I have read a lot of different things.. cold teething rings.. frozen bagels.. but the fact of the matter is.. it's going to be miserable. for all of you. A couple times a day I rub Kaelyn's gums with my fingers and she seems to get some comfort from it. (and still at 8 months, no teeth) Getting teeth can cause them to not sleep and be cranky.. run a fever.. etc. so just be prepared for a rough couple months! LOL. she is absolutely adorable : )

renee said...

afa making the baby food, i did that blog on it a while back with most of my info on that. i did freeze mine in the ice cube trays first then i put them into larger bags for storage. however, i have seen some ppl just freeze it directly into the snack bags, but you do need to leave some headroom for when it freezes and expands. also when they first start out they dont eat very much, so for us one ice cube was PLENTY in the begining so if i had done it in the bags it would have been lots of waste (imo). i used this website
and another, but i can't remember it at this time. sweet potatoes are good to start with b/c the flavor is really mild and sweet so they will almost ALWAYS love it from the start and it purees really smooth very easily. also DO NOT USE A BLENDER. you must use a food processor to get it blended. this is from experience. so if you don't have one, borrow one, b/c it's a must.
ok, i think that's all for right now. if i remember anything else i'll let you know. good luck with it. (and the teething...)

JenM said...

Food is super easy! Try this website for suggestions - they have a list of what foods are okay when and links to suggested preparations and different "recipes" for all kinds of fruits and veggies. We made sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, apples and green beans and froze them. You cook the food (steaming is best), stick it in a food processor and puree it, then put it in ice cube trays, cover them and freeze them. Voila!