Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where have I been

Hell-ooo out there.... Still here. The past week has been ridiculous. And then, we took off for the weekend to lovely N. Carolina where our awesome friends live.
Because I am tired and lazy and blogger uploads my pictures backwards - these are out of order.

Checking out the polar bear at the N.C. zoo
Sucking her thumb at the zoo - taking in the sights.

Family swimming advenure!

She REALLY like the bubbles at the kiddy pool

hamming it up at the park

Thanks for having us guys! Can't wait to see you, and Mr. C when he arrives!


renee said...

yah! glad you had fun! she is getting so big and she's absolutely beautiful!

Shell said...

She's so adorable!!! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

alicia said...

ahh i love that last pic! sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

She is sooo sweet, I miss her soo much I cant wait to see her tomorrow! and that caption for the polar bears should be "I wish my aunt Jacqui was here with me." just so you know! well see you later give her a kiss for me!