Monday, January 19, 2009

tell me the truth

do maternity tights make a difference when you are 7mo pregnant?

You see, I have a very cute outfit on today - a dress even, and being as it is flippin freezing here, I needed to wear some tights to keep my legs warm. So I had bought a pair just one size bigger a few weeks ago. They are not working, they keep rolling down under my tummy leaving ridiculous lines you can see through the dress of course.
So is it worth spending the extra $$ on special maternity tights? Inquiring minds want to know....


alicia said...

i have not bought any, but I hate wearing tights!! so I am not sure, but I think they go up all they way over your belly, so they will stay on better!

Mel said...

Bummer! I bought a pair of black maternity tights in early December when I was around 25-26 weeks and they have been GREAT. Worth every penny to me, but I wear skirts and dresses often. They were kinda expensive (like $17 I think) at Mimi Maternity, but I am thrilled to have them. I believe I even bought the biggest size available. They are really quite comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Think about how much you will really wear them... if it's a lot, then yes it's worth it, because obviously you're uncomfortable in what you have now. But if it's only once or twice... save the money for better things.

Zach and Jamie said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad to hear that you're having some maternity images taken... you'll love it.
I was uneasy at first but I'm really happy that we did them. I'm looking so forward to seeing the outcome. I need to post a new MHR post... mine has been awesome lately. Thanks for the inspiration!
And as for the tights... I say that anything with the word maternity on it that I've bought has been so worth it. :)

Tiffanie said...

obviously no help on the tights here, but i love those bubbles for the nursery:)

sorry you are so stressed out lately and that poor mike broke his thumb.

i hear ya on the stress - i have no idea what to do about my job situation and changing careers IF i get pregnant since i graduate in may. pain in the ass.