Friday, September 12, 2014

Some days…

….simply require a bullet pointed list of things that have been going on just to keep it all straight!

  • This was a long week – not so good days at work paired with the usual busy and a side of cranky toddler and a broken hot water heater. I’m coping with tums and cookies.
  • Thankfully the hot water heater was the easiest fix of all (thanks to my brother in laws) even if it meant replacing it entirely. Also thankful it was still under warranty!
  • Gianna started dance this week and is smitten with the fact she is FINALLY in the big kid ballerina class.
  • Aleesia has been cranky in the evenings and I just want my smiley toddler back!
  • I suspect her crankiness is due to her shortened naps during the day.
  • I suspect her shortened naps during the day are because our sitter situation has drastically changed over the past 2 weeks. I’m sure she’ll get used to the new routine soon enough. At least I hope she does. I need her to nap better so I get a happy girl back in the evenings.
  • Every time I think we have made progress on one of the 34534 things we need to do to get the house ready for the baby, that progress gets side tracked by two cute girls who think OH! MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! And mess up the previously clean spaces!
  • I miss running a lot lately, I didn’t keep it up past 17 weeks schedule wise and since I am no longer participating in a previously planned relay this month my motivation kind of dwindled. And now I am pretty sure my pelvic bone would give me the middle finger if I tried to pick it up again at almost 26 weeks!
  • I finally got Aleesia’s baptism scheduled.
  • There have been some really fun giveaways going on and I have really low entries (despite higher than average page views) – I’m not sure how to fix it. But better odds for the people that do enter, right?!
  • Speaking of – #cascadeshiningreviews giveaway #1 ends tonight!
  • Since it’s been almost a month since our vacation I am putting it on my calendar to do a full review of our trip next week – it was a great one!
  • Can I go back on vacation now?!
  • It was yucky fall-like weather here today (I’m not done with summer…) and I got a pumpkin chai latte during lunch – so much yum!
  • What’s new with YOU?!

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