Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beachin’ it {Summer Vacation 2014 part 1}

It’s been about a month since we were on vacation, which means I’ve had enough of “real life” for now and want to go back on vacation now. Since that’s not possible, it’s time to finally get this vacation recap done!

We flew to Florida, this was definitely not Gianna’s first flight but it was Aleesia’s. It was also the first time we’ve flown with a lap-child. We were renting a car when we got to Florida so we needed to take A’s car seat, a booster for G (we borrowed a friend’s bubble bum – it was great!), the stroller, and all of our carryon crap! We flew Southwest and had a great experience (free checked bags, for the win!)

Our flight left at 6am so we had the girls sleep in their airplane clothes (yoga pants/t-shirts) which made getting out of the house super simple. We typically fly out of a small, easy to maneuver airport which also makes things much simpler. Everyone made it through security without any issues and to the gate in time to have a cinnabun for breakfast.

Aleesia did fine on the plane – Gianna was showing her the ropes of how to be a first-class passenger! They really didn’t do anything on the plane except have some graham crackers and color (Color Wonder markers, always a winner!). Gianna played with the 2 Barbie’s I snuck in her bag for a little bit but they were both kind of tired and fairly calm for the whole flight.

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We stayed with family the first part of our trip which was great. We visited one of my favorite restaurants the first day and just chilled out, swam, visited, etc.

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The next day we went on the boat – another first for the girls. Aleesia loved it. Gianna, not so much at first. But they loved the end result that is for sure!

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We took them to Clearwater Beach for most of the day on Monday. I can’t believe that Aleesia fell asleep on the beach! But they both adored it. The gulf is my favorite place, it’s so warm, calm, and just my happy place.

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Monday night we told Gianna we had to leave early on Tuesday to go to a different beach for the end of our vacation so she could be sure to give her goodbye hugs and kisses to our family members. She had really enjoyed the beach that day so she was excited about this change of plans and had NO IDEA what the real plan was!

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