Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Daze

It’s been almost 3 weeks of school for Gianna – I can’t believe it! It has been a big adjustment for all of us, but I think we are all hanging in there and figuring it out.

She likes her teacher, she thinks the bus is fun, and has made some new friends. I am already hearing recess stories of “so and so was swinging without me and I didn’t like that”! She has a long way to go to improve her handwriting and homework started this week which went okay, not wonderful, but we made it through.

I love hearing about her day – I try not to ask too much but Gianna is a chatty mcchatterson so she usually volunteers quite a bit of information with little prompting! They have gym, computer, art, and music class each week and she loves all of them (well, I don’t know if love and gym would go in the same sentence, but she tolerates it!).

The uniform is the biggest blessing! 4 days a week we have zero arguments (well, we had one argument about socks, but we quickly fixed that problem). On gym days when she has to wear her gym uniform, we have a little issue since she hates gym clothes of any kind. It took three tries to find shorts she would actually wear, though. She spent a good 20 minutes yelling about how “I am just not going to school on gym days. I do not like these kind of clothes. Besides, I don’t want to play sports anyway I don’t need to go to gym class”. She wore her tshirt backwards this week but so far we have survived! It also cracks me up that she will ONLY wear the bow we bought that matches her jumper!


Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: grilled cheese sandwiches

I want to be “a horse rider and a ballerina” when I grow up

We are dealing with a crazy amount of exhaustion after school and over the weekend but hopefully with time that passes/she adjusts. She does not like getting up early at all or eating breakfast. She also doesn’t eat her lunch – I have no idea what to do about that part! She comes home with 3/4 of her lunch un-eaten daily (today, she only ate grapes). I’m sure she is far too busy chatting it up with her new little girl friends to eat and before she knows it, lunch is over (we prompt her about 2031124 times per meal at home to eat and not talk!) and natural consequences will hopefully start to take effect soon (she’s starving when she gets home!).


We hope she keeps loving it and we see loads of improvement over this year, and I am sure we will! And I will keep leaving her little notes in her lunch box every day.

How has everyone else’s school year started?

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