Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Princess Party

In case you didn’t know, turning 5 is a BIG BIG DEAL. When you turn 5 you get to go to Kindergarten and chew gum.

And apparently, you get surprise royal guests at your party.

Gianna5thBday 009Gianna5thBday 010Gianna5thBday 012

We decided to surprise Gianna with her favorite princesses at her princess and superhero party and I think they were a huge hit.

Gianna5thBday 017Gianna5thBday 024Gianna5thBday 026

Cinderella and Elsa were amazing. They told Elsa’s story.

Gianna5thBday 041

With a LOT of help from these adorable 5 year olds, who each knew the story by heart!

Gianna5thBday 061Gianna5thBday 063Gianna5thBday 067Gianna5thBday 084Gianna5thBday 117Gianna5thBday 110Gianna5thBday 129

Sang “Let it Go” (cutest ever!)

.Gianna5thBday 092Gianna5thBday 095Gianna5thBday 097

Got wish stones and pixie dust

Gianna5thBday 147Gianna5thBday 133Gianna5thBday 143Gianna5thBday 135Gianna5thBday 138

And tattoos.

Gianna5thBday 163(2)

Gianna5thBday 164

Gianna5thBday 151Gianna5thBday 166Gianna5thBday 168

Had a little dance party.

Gianna5thBday 180Gianna5thBday 192Gianna5thBday 195Gianna5thBday 183

Happy birthday singing.

Gianna5thBday 198Gianna5thBday 206Gianna5thBday 208

And a few photos.

Gianna5thBday 227Gianna5thBday 212

Gianna5thBday 216

Gianna5thBday 221Gianna5thBday 226

Aleesia even loved them – she was amazed by Elsa, specifically.

Gianna5thBday 047Gianna5thBday 050(2)

We had a few kid-friendly snacks (which I think 1 of 10 kids ate – far too busy for food. Except cupcakes!).

Gianna5thBday 156

A little treat station for everyone.

Gianna5thBday 006Gianna5thBday 007

Plus we had a little photo booth fun with the kiddos.

Gianna5thBday 279Gianna5thBday 254(2)Gianna5thBday 262Gianna5thBday 265Gianna5thBday 268(2)Gianna5thBday 273

And some present time, of course.

Gianna5thBday 297Gianna5thBday 282Gianna5thBday 291

Overall, I think my biggest princess had a fantastic time. She talks about it every day, so I vote for a 5 year old party success!

Gianna5thBday 176(2)

*Princesses courtesy of Castle on a Cloud Entertainment

*Photos courtesy of Bella Rose Photography

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Lauren Pearch said...

Love the pictures :) is that Erin Reese's little girl as Ariel?