Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The great K debate

Never in a million years could I have a) imagined 4 years of parenthood could or would FLY by so fast or b) that where to send my oldest girl to school would be such a hard decision.

Mike and I both went to public school and it was fine – never really thought that we would send our kids anywhere other than public school, honestly. I’m not sure how the question arose for us, but within the last year we started talking about other school options and what might be the best choice for her/us.

Originally, we were unsure of the public school district we live in but we were assured that the level of education was nothing to be worried about. But somehow, we (me, mostly) still weren’t sure if that was the right place for her.  She’s a little hyper (yay, age of 4!) and easily distracted sometimes, she totally shuts down when Mike or I try to work with her on letters/numbers/anything education related really (and we do it just in everyday conversation, not in a “sit down and learn” kinda way!) and it turns out she does the same thing in preschool too.  The idea of sending her to school with 24 other 5 year olds to learn, when she doesn’t want to sit and learn, made me nervous.

Nervous that she would not pick up what she needed to, that she would get frustrated, that she needs more structure and even discipline in the classroom, if you will. Her prek teacher is a little…relaxed in the classroom which doesn’t do much for G. She pretty much requires structure to operate, and at the very least a regular predictable routine.  Sure, she adapts, but not easily or quickly as we have learned.

We are blessed to be able to afford the option of private school and we finally decided that catholic school was going to be the best fit for her. Maybe it will only be for one  year to sort of mold her and prepare her for what is expected of her at school, maybe not.  But we are all excited about it, nervous, but glad to have finally made a decision that we are comfortable with.

It’s going to be a big transition, there is no doubt about that. And we are hopeful mandatory uniforms will cut down on the morning escapades that often occur regularly.

BUT ALSO – my baby is going to Kindergarten! Hold me, tightly please.


Annegirrl said...

Oh my goodness. The uniform requirement is going to make the clothing troubles so much easier!

seussgirl said...

Excited to hear you made a decision! I know this is a super tough one, but it sounds like s good one for your precious girl.
I can't believe my last baby is going to kindergarten in the fall - I'll hold you if you hold me!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

K decisions are rough, but they're the beginning of their education and you can't go back and re-do! Be happy that you're comfortable and she probably will be more comfortable b/c you guys are! Congrats (mine are going this year too...finally)!!!