Thursday, March 27, 2014

One month out

It hit me today that the half marathon is exactly a month away.

It also hit me that my training has taken a bit of a hit the past few weeks, at least my ability to run during the week.

I successfully completed 8 and 9 miles with a  good friend.

9 miles was really hard for some reason.  I don’t know why, but it was a hard run for me and a hard recovery. I ended up with HUGE blister on my big toe after which was so annoying (and ouchy). But the internet is amazing and gave me lots of awesome suggestions for running socks (who knew!), body glide and good old Vaseline between my toes (works AWESOMELY!).

But I pushed through and did 10 miles last weekend.  It was much better than 9, actually. I ran a steady pace at about 11:45 min/mile, which is juuuuust fine.  I didn’t hurt too badly after, I pushed myself when I needed to and my recovery was much better than the week before.

I am still a bit amazed that I ran 10 miles, actually.

A little less scared to add the next 3.  I am hoping to do 11.5 this weekend and 13 next. EEP!

I am trying not to feel like a slacker that I can’t get in 5 runs a week like my training app says I should.  I have to just be comfortable with what I CAN do and how well I can do it, right? I do everything I can to get those long runs in. But my motivation is waning a little bit – so feel free to cheer me on over the next few weeks, I think I am going to need it!

It’s getting real up in here, friends!

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