Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giannaisms–it’s been awhile

In honor of Gianna’s 4 year and 11 month unbirthday, I had to share some funny things she’s said recently!

Gianna and I went to the mall and I HAD to get my eyebrows done. While we were waiting in line, she said to me “I’m so glad we came to the mall Mama, your eyebrows are a hot mess”.  Which, was true, but hilarious that she said it!


We came inside from the car and a very funny little convo began like this:

“I am so cold, my breathe is even freezed.  And, if I was a dragon I wouldn’t even be able to breathe fire anymore. Ya. I’m THAT cold.”

She then put on a hat and wrapped herself in a blanket because we can’t have freezed breath.


Gianna’s been watching some “big kid” shows on the Disney channel lately and as she was watching one day:

“Mommy, this is Austine Moon he’s a rockstar so don’t laugh. Also mommy, did you know Austin Moon and Justin Beaver? They are the same person.”

I wasn’t really sure where to go from there, so I just said ooookay?? and she went about her TV viewing.


I can’t keep up with all the funny that comes out of her mouth, but it’s awesome.  We have such fun conversations (and frustrating ones too, naturally) and I can see her understanding of the world around her growing in her own innocent way.

I am also in complete denial that in one month she will be 5.

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Deborah said...

Five is an awesome age! I'm going to write a post about it one of these days. So I'm sure you'll have more great quotes from her in the year to come.