Saturday, February 1, 2014

A letter to my {second} daughter: The First Year

Miss Aleesia  -

My little peanut, you have been here for 365 days.  A year ago I was happily in labor (no, really) and so excited to meet you.  I think about that experience with such fond memories, it was an amazing day.


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Since 8:28pm on February 1, 2013, you have been filling our house with your smiles, snuggles and funny personality.  You love snuggles, and I can’t complain about that one bit – it’s a little bit of calm in an otherwise crazy life!

2.2  (72)7.15  (8)11.29  (4)

There were so many days that felt long and hard – you continue keep us on our toes always.  We worked through your reflux, your kidney reflux, breastfeeding struggles, all of it together.  It wasn’t easy and sometimes scary, but we have worked through each challenge as it came our way.  You’re a strong girl – probably even stronger than either of us can imagine.

4.16  (2)IMG_30854.19  (5)

Sometimes the days feel so long, but time flies.  I was nervous about how life would change with you here – but for no reason.  You fit right in as if you have been here for so much longer than a year.  I never knew just how much I could love another child until I saw you for the first time – it was just instant love. 

IMG_2215newborn 18.21  (3)12.25  (116)

But more than that, I never could have imagined the love that your sister would show you.  Watching the two of you grow together is what gets me through each day.  Your face lights up each time you hear each Gianna’s voice and it amazes me each time.

2.4  (4)3.27 b (7)8.25  (4)11.12  (5)9.9  (22)12.25  (27)

You are an amazing ONE YEAR OLD!

5.27  (8)9.29  (3)

It’s been a busy busy first year for you – you celebrated Gianna’s birthday, had your first (hopefully only, fingers crossed) hospital visit, celebrated Aunt Krissy & Uncle Jimmy’s wedding, celebrated lots of important people’s birthdays, went to the beach, slept through Washington DC, celebrated every holiday and learned so many new things.

4.13  (65)8.14  (84)8.17  (137)12.24  (17)

You love to push things around the house – anything that moves, you will push it.  Your favorite thing to play with is Gianna’s anywhere chair and to climb on and off of her bed! Although you enjoy dancing (so hilarious!), clapping, waving, playing with your little people, and doing anything Gianna is doing. You walk when you feel like it but crawling is still faster.  You love to eat and to be outside.  You don’t always love to sleep at night, but you do always love to snuggle.

6.25 412.25  (371)

You can say a a lot of words when you feel like it, but you regularly say hi, dadda, bye, this, more, sissy, mama, dog, cat.  But the most hilarious thing you do right now is say “tickle tickle tickle” and try to tickle daddy.  I’ll never tire of your giggles – they are pretty awesome.  You have at least 8 teeth (and aren’t great at teething, but that’s okay) with a few more on the way in.

3.20  (14)IMG_31237.21  (69)

Aleesia, you may be the second little girl in our family but you hold such a special place in our hearts with those big blue eyes and your huge smile.  I couldn’t have imagined loving you anymore than I do right now and I can’t imagine what life has in store for you.  My wish for you is that you always feel special, empowered, and that you always have that sparkle in those blue eyes and smile on your face.

1.30  (1)1.30  (18)

I was laying with you and Gianna after your nap and a song I had never heard before came on – the lyrics of that song brought tears to my eyes.  Something  you have taught me is to always have faith, to always let that light shine bright, and to trust in Him.  I hope that I can teach you to walk in that same path – to make the  most of every chance and to look at each day with the same sense of wonder that you do today.

I can’t wait to see what joy the next year brings!

I love you, my little peanut. 


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