Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mile 6 and snow

I expected challenges with this whole running outside in winter idea.  I expected cold and some snow.
But I didn't expect dangerously cold and ridiculous snow and ice - the past few winters haven't been bad in terms of temperature and accumulation.

It is only natural that the first time I decide to do anything outside in the winter voluntarily the weather would be horrendous.

I had to put off my 6 mile run by almost a week and I still haven't gotten in the 7 miles from this past weekend yet because of the weather and you know, a certain ONE YEAR OLD CELEBRATION!

I digress -

Six miles last week was actually very enjoyable and pretty. I had taken off work so that we could do some party prep, so I ran during A's nap (I love running in the morning the most).  I actually had on one too many layers and had to gladly ditch my ear warmers after just two miles - it was a nice day for a run.  There was some snow and slush along the way but I just slowed down a little and didn't fall!

I ran fast (for me) on purpose because I need to be pushing myself.  I already knew that I could run the distance so that was nice - I ended up beating my last 6 mile time by more than 40 seconds/mile and to me, that is awesome.  I am hoovering around an 11:30 min/mile right now.  If I can that closer to 11 min/mile by race day, I will be THRILLED and if not I really don't care.

The only issue I had was some jerk trying to literally run me off the road when I was almost home.  I was seriously SO ANGRY.  And now I am a little more motivated to find somewhere to do long distances that doesn't involve oncoming traffic.

We had another huge snow storm this week so I hope that doesn't screw up my plans for the weekend.   I have been doing my shorter runs at the gym and each time I dislike the treadmill more and more - I don't ever feel like I can find my stride and it is just torture getting in those 3 or 4 miles.  Necessary torture though, I guess.

Now that I am running longer though I need some advice.  I never have water while I run - I drink some before and chug a ton after - is this something I should get used to carrying with me as my distance increases?  What about all of those energy things I hear about (Gu or something?) - how necessary is that? So far I am still feeling good during and after my runs but I realize I have only run about 1/2 the distance so far.  If you have any tips, I'll gladly take them.  And your favorite running songs - I'll take those too as I revamp my playlist.


droumom4 said...

Great job on running outside right now! O haven't tackled that since my race from hell back before Christmas. As for water and fuel: obviously the temperature plays a big role, but generally on any run 4 miles or less I am good with just water at the beginning and end. Anything over that and I will either carry a water bottle or plan a route which puts me at water halfway. So when I go to the towpath, I will park my car and run out 1.5 mi, turn around and head back to the car for water at mile 3, then head out the opposite direction for 1.5mi and turn around for a 6miler. I carry shot bloks or gu for anything over 6mi and eat every 40ish min. Happy running!!

Annegirrl said...

Two running area suggestions:
1. Firestone Park - only good when it isn't wet/snowy or else you will be a mess when you are done.
2. The Chapel in Green - they have a really nice cinder trail that runs around the edge of their property. I think it is just about 1.5 miles long.

I don't have an answer on the water while running because I don't run that long.

Lauren Pearch said...

Hey lady,
As far as water and nutrition are concerned, if you feel like you NEED water, bring it with you. Your body is going to tell you what it needs. In these temperatures and the distance you are at right now, you likely won't need to bring water with you. When the temperatures start to creep up, you may find that you are cramping and need to take water with you. If you find you are salty, you are loosing electrolytes so bring the fluid with. Generally speaking, for a half, I would consider one GU, or whatever you decide to go with. 8 miles is a good point for a little extra boost. I would stay away from the GU and Gatorade. Go with more natural sources of nutrition that don't have the artificial xyz. I have found that Hammer products work best for me. Find what works for you.
Favorite running songs? Oh boy! I love this: Counting Stars, Waiting for the End (Linkin Park), Mirrors (JT), Dynamite (Taio Cruz), Without Me (Enimen), The Fox (Yes, awesome), Holy Grail (JayZ), Chocolate (1975), Send me on my way (Rusted Root), Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show), Royals (Lorde), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), Starships (Nikki Minaj), Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi), Roar (Katy Perry), Bruises (Train), Princess of China (Coldplay), Young Forever (JayZ), Hall of Fame (The Script), Slow (Andy Grammar), The Monster (Rhianna), Best Day of my Life (American Authors), 23 (Miley Cirus).

Ummm... Want more? :)

So excited for your running :) Treadmill days suck. I was forced to do 14 on the dread mill yesterday and almost died of boredom. Just remember how close we are to the end of this ridiculousness.