Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday hangover

After any big event there is always that hangover period.

Right now we are in the midst of holiday hangover - toys are everywhere, random toy packaging and wrapping paper scraps are hiding behind every corner and cookies still seem to count as an acceptable breakfast food. 

We had a truly wonderful Christmas celebrating with our family - and as a family of four (which still blows my mind). Gianna is at such a fun age - she loves everything and enjoyed opening wash rags and socks just as much as toys. With the exception of her Saige doll - that was (thank goodness!) the most favorite thing. 

She was also a very gracious gift giver - she was so so excited to watch everyone open the gifts she carefully picked for them. I wish I had gotten a picture of her face while the gift she gave was being opened - it was so joyful and innocent. And she was careful not to spill the secret until it was being unwrapped - I got you a .... She would squeal as the recipient opened up the gift!

Aleesia enjoyed eating the boxes and packaging the most, as expected! She had a long day but was super fun!


I am working at home (was supposed to be vacation days, but oh well) and enjoying the holiday hangover - pjs, cute girls, catching up on long neglected laundry, testing out the new toys, etc. 

Tell me about your celebration! And enjoy the holiday hangover as much as you can - 2014 is going to be here in a quick hurry!

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