Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preschooler Problems {#186: boots with the fur}

Gianna is my little fashionista, or something like that.  She wears what she wants and refers to it as her “Gianna style” which I actually have grown to embrace.  Probably because embracing it avoids many tears and morning frustrations.

Anyway, we were in the car the other day talking about her boots and our conversation went like this:

Gianna: Mommy, I don’t think I like these boonts anymore.

Me: Oh, why not? Are they too small?

Gianna: No, they don’t have the fur all the way around and to the bottom.

Me: Yes they do…

Gianna: NO! They have a button on the side, see it? SEE IT? (she yells at me when I can’t turnaround to look at her rightthisminute because I am you know, DRIVING!)

Me: Okay, what’s wrong with a button?

Gianna: I want the kind with the fur all the way around and to the bottom. You know what I am talking about don’t you mommy? (not a cluee…) You know, like my friend C at school has – kind of like these ones wif no button.

Me: (I finally think I know what she is talking about) Like your brown ones that are too small?

Gianna: Kinda, except I want boonts like C has – wif the tag on the back that says UGGS.

Me: You are not telling me that your friend has Uggs…..

Gianna: Ya mommy, they have a tag on them and they have fur all the way around and to the bottom.

Me: proceeds to tell her why she can not have UGGS at 4 years old and about how it doesn’t matter if your boots have a tag on them or not blah blah blah


I can’t believe I just had a conversation about UGGS and that my PRESCHOOLER just name-branded me. I mean, I expected this nonsense eventually but not in preschool! Clearly the 4 year old fashion world is evolving very quickly and we are NOT keeping up.  And I don’t really care – your target brand boots with the fur are juuuuust fine, my darling!

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