Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Grandparent Lottery

If there ever was one, Gianna (her little sibling and cousin) won it.

My parents* seriously rock the house in the (grand)parent department.

1.1  (34)       IMG_0779

Hanging out, celebrating Papa’s birthday            G and Papa riding their scooters.

They love this girl so much it is not even funny – and they have the most awesome relationship.  One of my favorite things to do, actually, is to just sit and watch them together.  Gianna helps her Papa with everything and anything and she is Gramma’s sidekick, hands down. 

6.10  (11)

G and Gramma doing the motor boat game in the pool.

A few weeks ago they took Gianna camping – and I am pretty sure that the grandparents may have had more fun than the three year old.  Either way, she talks about it almost every day.  Whenever we talk about going on vacation, she asks if Gramma and Papa are coming too (and if we are going on a cruise ship again!) and talks about our Italy trip.  Just last week she spent the night there three nights in a row!

They are always there when we need them for anything without question.  They laugh with her, they love her, they are helping her to grow and learn so many things that only grandparents can.

Soon there will be two more grandchildren for them to love – and I have no doubt, just as a parent has enough to go around to all of their children – that my parents are going to love these two new grandbabies just as much as they love the first one.  And they will all be laughing, loving and living some more with each other. But I have a sneaking suspicion that there will always be something special between them and G.

10.16 b (54)


I think my kid(s) also won the lottery when it comes to aunts (and uncles).  Gianna was just losing her mind the other day because she wanted to stay with her Aunt Sissy instead of going some place with mike and I.  That says a lot, in my book, about how she feels about her aunt. (or, perhaps how she feels about her parents…! just kidding, we know she loves us. we also know her aunt spoils her!)  She ADORES each of them for different reasons and again, I feel so blessed to just watch her with them all. Growing up with such great people in her life is not something that everyone gets to do – and I think it’s pretty fabulous that she is blessed with such awesome family.

(I’m missing an aunt and an uncle here – but I promise I have some very recent, very cute pictures of G with each of them at their wedding shower earlier this month!)

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*in case you’re new around here my parents = my mom and my amazingly awesome step-dad. Which also added two wonderful sisters to the mix!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a three tissue morning !!!! Love you more than you can imagine! And I can't wait for the babies ---- you know how I love to rock babies! The more grandkids --- the more love there is to go around.

PJ said...

Lucky girl! That's awesome!

Aunt Jacqui said...

She does have it pretty good if I do say so my self!! So glad you posted the picture of our swimming lesson lol! Love her and can't wait to spoil the next one!!

Deborah said...

It is so nice to have that relationship, isn't it? I grew up only seeing my grandparents a few times a year. My son sees his usually once a week - if two weeks go by he starts asking when we're going to see them again. Seeing how much he loves them (and vice versa) makes me wonder what it would've been like to have that growing up.

Danifred said...

You are so very blessed. Someday I hope to be that kind of grandparent to my grandchildren.