Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pregnancy, Nutrition, Vitamins, Oh my! #BrainStrongDHA

After a year of trying to get (and stay) pregnant I have taken prenatal vitamins, extra folic acid, baby aspirin and a multitude of other vitamins over the past year. And I feel like I have tried about a million different kinds of prenatals. 

One of my favorite kinds so far, for the convenience of how it’s packaged and the fact that they don’t make me gag when I swallow them, are the BrainStrong Prenatals.  They are packaged with a vitamin and DHA all in one nice little blister pack, makes it nice for traveling too – you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring all kinds of pills!

It’s not really a huge* secret that when I was pregnant with Gianna I put on a little bit of weight.  I hope to not repeat that action this time, but you know what, if I do, I do.  One of the things I really struggle with (in general) is making sure I eat a healthy, balanced diet.  The blue-box mac and cheese has really been calling my name lately, and so have bagels and cream cheese.  Thankfully it’s not Oreos (yet), but I don’t typically WANT to eat veggies.  Fruit and yogurt have been okay, and I tend to NEED them a few times a week, but again, I usually have to make a serious effort to add them in to my daily intake.

The fact that the BrainStrong Prenatals offer a complete multi-vitamin with the highest amount of folic acid and DHA available without a prescription makes me feel so much more comfortable.  I know me and this little one are getting the proper vitamins and the fact that there is so much folic acid makes this nervous mama feel that much better.  No need for additional folic acid with these!  And they cost less than most insurance copays (I know our insurance doesn’t cover prenatals, so low cost is a huge deal!)

DHA is a huge benefit to the little people that’s growing in here, the little one depends solely on me for (among so much else) the full supply of DHA.  This helps with brain development, and hey, we can’t go wrong there right?

BrainStrong provides me (and anyone else who takes them!) the assurance that no matter what cravings might be taking over, I am still doing all that I can to support a healthy pregnancy and baby.  Also, of note, BrainStrong is from a vegetarian source, not fish, so there is no fear of potential contaminants and can meet vegetarian dietary needs.



*no pun intended…

I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. And I highly recommend these!

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