Saturday, August 11, 2012

So, what are you having?

I have to get this off my chest.

I cannot stand, at all, when people ask us if we know the sex of the baby. 

For the sole reason that it is usually accompanied immediately by stupid comments such as:  I am sure you want a boy. Or you MUST have been trying for a boy. Or, Gianna needs a brother. Or some other comment related to how if you have a girl, you automatically want a boy. (and vice versa).

Because listen – we waited a LONG FRACKING TIME to be in a position where we can bless our family with another child.  And the sex of this child? IT DOES NOT MATTER ONE BIT. AT ALL. EVER.  A baby, a new person in our family, is what we want.  End of discussion.

If you want to have an opinion as to whether we “should be” having a boy or a girl, that’s fine. But keep it to yourself. (preferably forever, thanks) I have to save all of my snappy comebacks for when we actually DO know the sex of this little one because I KNOW the ridiculous comments are going to keep on coming.

I personally think sisters rock the house.  But a boy would be welcome with loving arms just the same.   Gianna is pretty certain she is having a sister – considering as she refers to the new baby solely as “baby sister” and when you ask her about having a brother she refutes such statements with “no, sister”.

Also, unsolicited comments referring to our little one as “your” anything. The only person who gets that right is Mike. And Gianna.  Because hey! People are not possessions, therefore you do not get to refer to the new person as such. Ever.

And, I feel better now.


Delenn said...

Love it!! Yes!!

MommyV said...

Agree! Ppl always say "oh you must be done having kids because you have a boy & a girl" no, our family is (or isn't, who knows) complete based on the gender of our kids!!!

Crazy Twin Momma said...

My answer to that question would be "a baby." I got all sorts of comments bc I had boy/girl twins and it is so annoying!

Ann B said...

Agreed! It's so annoying when people ask what you want to have to - it doesn't matter - a healthy baby is all that matters.

Kristy said...

Totally feel ya! How about this one? Are you guys going to have more kids? To which I answer yes, and I ALWAYS get oh, trying for that boy huh? No asshats I'm trying for another kid. Because, you know I'll just keep reproducing children I don't want until I get a boy. Arghh.

PJ said...

People seriously do not think before they speak. Of course you'd be happy with either gender!

Oh the stupid things people say to us with the twins. Hmm... post inspiration?

alison said...

Most. annoying. comments. ever. I think people are just universally stupid when it comes to this. If I had a quarter for every person who asked when we'd be trying for a girl... Like seriously? Are you asking me when we're going to have sex?!?

Deborah said...

Totally with you here. Also annoying, for me, are the comments that if I have a boy and a girl, then I'll be "done." First of all, how do they know I only want 2 kids? And second of all, if I have 2 boys, does that make my family incomplete? I'd really rather have another boy this time - we can use all the hand-me-downs, plus I'd kind of know what to expect. But everyone assumes we must want one of each, and then that's it.

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Agreed! We had three little girls and our fourth is a boy. When I'm out with all four they ask me if the littlest one is a boy and they say "Finally! You got your boy!" as if it was the main goal and focus of our lives. It wasn't. In fact we thought he was a girl up until I was 30 weeks pregnant with him (first sonogram was wrong) and we were just as stoked.

I also hate it when people call my kids "theirs" or whatever.

Photogrl said...

Oh, yes! It's so frustrating, isn't it?!

Miss O. wanted the twins to be two girls, I was worried when we found out it was b/g she'd be disappointed, but she wasn't at all! She was just happy to be having babies come home :)

And the comments never stop, either. I still haven't come up with a comeback to my favorite question/statement especially asked when Miss O. isn't with me, "Oh, now you have one of each so you're done, right?"

I'm just so happy for you!!!

Danifred said...