Sunday, December 20, 2015

A letter to my {third} daughter: One Year!


The lack of formal documentation of your first year, with the exception of your life lessons, is in no way a reflection of how we feel about you! It is a direct reflection of how busy we have been this year, though.

I will say it a million times throughout your life, but it is seriously amazing how fast time really flies.

To me, there are times that I am holding you that I so vividly remember your birth day. The excitement.

DIxonBirth2 076(2)_thumb[1]

Your cold feet (really, you just didn’t want to come out there for several hours a second).

DIxonBirth2 220(2)_thumb[1]

The hard work at the very end.

DIxonBirth2 308(2)_thumb[1]DIxonBirth2 313(2)_thumb[1]

How quiet you were when you came out.

DIxonBirth2 394_thumb[1]

And the moment when they finally put you on my chest.

DIxonBirth2 469(2)_thumb[1]DIxonBirth2 472(2)_thumb[5]

Your first life lesson. (Head to Instagram and search #vivislivelessons to see the full year of lessons!)

When you met your sisters. Gianna was positively giddy and she still adores the ground you crawl on to this day.

12.22  (12)_thumb[1]12.22  (46)_thumb[1]

Aleesia truly didn’t know what to think, but she warmed up to you over the months. And now? Well, now she loves to snuggle you and play with you.

12.22  (22)_thumb[1]12.22  (52)_thumb[2]

You have maintained your sweet & portable status and are still the snuggliest girl. There were moments of concern over why you just weren’t growing, but your big blue eyes and cutie smile put my mind at ease. We’ll continue to keep an eye on it (looking forward to your official 1 year stats this week!) but I’m not too worried – people come in all sizes!

DSC_1014_thumb4.22  (12)_thumb9.16  (22)_thumb

Your first word was “boo” (as in, peek-a-boo!) followed by Hi! and Mama and you will occasionally says dada. I just got you to say wow and OH! Baby babble is a familiar sound in our house!

You were baptized.


You love to clap, dance, wave, crawl super fast with your head down (always on a mission!), sneak up the stairs and cruise across furniture. There are times where you will walk holding on to our hands and sometimes you’ll stand on your own for a few seconds. Walking will be in your future before we know it, I am positive of that!

Sleeping would not included on your list of “favorite things to do” – some nights are good, most are not. Naps are hit and miss. I am sure you’ll figure it out eventually but until then I’ll continue to be thankful for coffee!

6.7.15  (22)_thumb[1]

This year you have lived in 3 different places! Our first house. Grandma & Papas. Our new house. I think that is enough moving for a loooooong time.

6.18.15  (8)_thumb[1] 5.9  (5)_thumb[1]DixonMiniSession 145_thumb[1]

We visited Cedar Point and you mostly slept the whole time.

8.7.15  (9)_thumb[3]8.8.15  (65)_thumb[1]

We visited the beach and you loved the ocean – who doesn’t?! Besides we made memories with our whole family, which was so wonderful.

9.12  (83)_thumb[2]9.13  (9)_thumb[3]9.13  (22)_thumb[2]9.18  (63)_thumb[1]

There is a special bond between you and I, there is no question about that. I’ve never been home as much as I am now – working at home changes things. It has helped us to be bonded in a way that I didn’t know was possible. You are a pretty great work partner, most days! (When I am gone, now you will crawl to my office to come and look for me.)

There is something magical about you, sweet girl. You light up every single room that you go in to. Everyone comments on those big blue eyes and, when you are awake and in a good mood, that pretty amazing smile. You are slowly learning to embrace being the center of attention.

9.16  (101)_thumb[1]

I’ve been putting together a life lesson for every day of life for your first  year, but I can’t believe the number of lessons that YOU have taught ME. My soul is happier with you in my world, and I think I can speak for the rest of the family in saying that they have no idea what they would do without you.

Life might be too busy to capture everything I had hoped in writing but that is because we are busy living – doing things that make each of us happy and fuel us to make it through the hard days that will inevitably come our way. Be patient with me on the days that it seems my own patience is running thin. Know that I am always working to make sure you have everything you need, and hopefully everything you want. I will always try my very best for you (and your sisters) and there is no love more unconditional than what I hope you feel. I hope that you always remember that you can come to me when you need refueled. That your sisters love you, even (and especially) when they are picking on you. That we can’t imagine live without you in it. And it might be possible that you have me wrapped so tightly around your little finger that I totally don’t even care.

I can’t wait to celebrate many more moments, days, years and an unlimited number of life lessons to come.

Love you little peanut!



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