Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disney 2014–Magic Kingdom part 2

On our second day at Magic Kingdom we had just as much fun as the first day! Minnie Mouse left the girls each a new shirt to wear for the day as their special gift.

First stop was the Polynesian for breakfast at Kona. This was a non-character breakfast but the food? You guys! The Kona coffee and the Tonga Toast almost made my whole day. It was a nice, quiet, relaxed breakfast before our day started.

8.14  (4)

We headed into the park and first stop was Story time with Belle – this was so so fun! Gianna got to be Maurice (shiver, shiver!) and the magic mirror on the wall was so cool! I highly recommend using a fast pass for this so you don’t miss it.

8.14  (48)8.14  (19)8.14  (47)

Mike and Gianna then rode the Mine Train while Aleesia and rehydrated. According to Mike, it’s worth a fast pass but not a 60+ minute wait. Gianna didn’t seem to love it.

8.14  (10)8.14  (11)

We decided to make our way back down Main Street USA to get Mickey ears (I wish we had bought them the day before, oh well).

8.14  (14)8.14  (17)

We were selected for a Fast Pass lunch at Be Our Guest. We chose to pre-select our food when we selected our lunch time and it was really easy. The food is much more ‘fancy’ than we normally eat but I was able to put in special requests and the food was made to our satisfaction. The restaurant is such an amazing place – it’s worth a walk around, if you can. I didn’t get any good pictures of the inside, somehow. But take my word for it – if you can get a reservation here, TAKE IT! The grey stuff IS delicious.

8.14  (20)

It was raining when we left and headed to Ariel’s grotto (our 3rd and last Fast Pass this day). The line for this was outside, which stunk. And it moved pretty slow when we were there, which were the only downfalls.

8.14  (23) 8.14  (26)8.14  (28)8.14  (32)

Since it stopped raining by the time we were done, we  checked out Gaston’s pub. Gianna and Mike shared a LeFou’s Brew.

8.14  (35)

I can’t even remember what else we did but eventually Aleesia fell asleep and we found a good spot on Main Street to catch the 3pm parade.

8.14  (36)8.14  (37)8.14  (50)

Aleesia eventually woke up and seriously LOVED the Mickey balloons (this guy was so fun hanging out with her for a little while!). WE all goofed around taking selfies.

8.14  (41)8.14  (57)8.14  (59)8.14  (65)

I still don’t know what made her cry, but this is a pretty epic picture.

8.14  (46)

Mike got me a much-needed Starbucks.

8.14  (66)

Finally it was time for the parade, which everyone really enjoyed!

8.14  (81)8.14  (84)8.14  (111)8.14  (118)8.14  (125)

We added on a Fast Pass to see Tinkerbelle so we headed there next. Aleesia liked looking at the “lost things!”

8.14  (127)8.14  (135)8.14  (137)

We wandered around Adventureland and eventually rode the Magic Carpets.8.14  (140)8.14  (142)

We had also added on a Fast Pass to see Cinderella – Gianna’s favorite princess. She signed Gianna’s ears and you would think they are now encased in gold.

8.14  (148)8.14  (152)

Rapunzel was there too! Her and Aleesia became fast friends.

8.14  (156)8.14  (159)8.14  (170)

On this day, it was ready to start storming, we were all tired and we headed out of the park early and had dinner at our hotel. We enjoyed a slightly laid back park day and an early night of rest!

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