Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney 2014–Magic Kingdom part one

If you’re going to Disney World, especially with kids, Magic Kingdom is the place to spend your time. It’s where the true magic happens, if you ask me! It’s not a place to rush through and we try to spend at least 2 full days here.

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This trip we spent our 2nd and 3rd days this trip here but they each warrant their own reviews.

Elsa and Ariel left the girls a little something special to wear to the park this day and both girls were excited!

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We had later morning breakfast reservations so we were able to take our time getting ready.We had breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian resort. So we took the resort bus to the Magic Kingdom and jumped on the monorail to get to the resort/restaurant. (I love that you don’t need to fold up strollers on the monorail!) We ate dinner here last time and breakfast did not disappoint. This is a breakfast buffet but the food is REALLY good. They have mickey waffles (natch!) and yummy stuff for the picky eaters, make your own omelet stations and so much more.

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The characters were Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins. It’s pretty clear which ones Aleesia preferred. Gianna loved them all, of course!8.13  (53)8.13  (49)8.13  (52)8.13  (67)8.13  (57)

After breakfast we headed for the park!

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Our first stop was the carousel.

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And a little exploring of the new Fantasyland setup to look for Pascal….

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Our first fastpass was Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid which was really cute. Gianna was being a stinker so she would tell you it wasn’t very fun, but Aleesia liked it!

We stumbled across some of our favorite characters with no waiting in the Storybook Circus area at Pete’s Silly Sideshow – Aleesia was thrilled to meet “mimmie!”. The line is inside, so it was also a nice place to beat the heat for a few minutes.

8.13  (149)8.13  (155)8.13  (157)8.13  (160)8.13  (177)8.13  (168)Bonus – if you are looking for a FastPass kiosk or place to charge your phone, right next to this was a FP+ charging area that is shaded with lots of seating!

Also right in this area is the splashpad – it was HOT this day and we brought the girls swim suits (and a change of clothes) so they/we could spend some time cooling off!

8.13  (208)8.13  (179)8.13  (192)

My tiny sidekick and I hung out while the big kids rode Splash Mountain (fastpass #2 – I could have scheduled my own fastpass to do something with Aleesia at the same time, but decided not too.)

8.13  (218)8.13  (219)

(G declared the ride fun but on the “I’m never doing that again” list!)

We ended up heading back to the hotel to rest for a bit after this ride, the girls were tired and we had a few hours to kill until it was time to head back to the park for our last FastPass. We all needed to eat and rest our feet, so this worked out perfectly.

Eventually it was time for what Gianna had been waiting “all my life” for – to meet Anna and Elsa! 8.13  (226)

This was THE BEST use of a FastPass ever. The standby line was really long, 100+ minutes all day.

8.13  (239)

8.13  (230)8.13  (246)8.13  (244)

Gianna rode Dumbo with Mike and Aleesia (who was supposed to be sleeping) and I hung out some more. The line area is super kid friendly and because of this, in my opinion, not worth getting a fastpass for this ride. They are too busy playing to bug you about waiting! (and the wait when we were there was less than 20 minutes)

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We grabbed ice cream and stumbled upon an Incredibles dance party and Gianna Mike rode space mountain while the girls and I danced.

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It was getting late but the girls were doing great, so we stayed for (my personal favorite) the light parade. The girls LOVED it – it was pretty impossible to capture their faces, but they were mesmerized by the lights and waved to all the characters as they came by.

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We discovered last year that if you sit at the end of Main Street by the entrance, you can get great seats (just behind the rope) with little crowding and a perfect view.

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The girls both hate fireworks so we didn’t stay for that and headed out to the resort buses. We actually caught the electric boat parade as we walked out which was a fun surprise!

It was a fantastic day – our fastpasses worked perfectly, the girls loved every minute of it and we were all excited to head back the next day!

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