Saturday, October 11, 2014

A letter to my daughter {5 and a HALF!}

Oh Gianna!

When we woke up this morning it hit me that today you are 5 and a HALF. Which means you are closer to having to count your age on 2 hands than you were yesterday. And I almost want to refuse to believe it.

I want to pretend some days that you are still much younger.


(photo credit: Tamarie Photography/2010)

But most days, I fully embrace your big kid status.

9.25  (5)

You are growing up and maturing so quickly, as I expected would happen once you started school. The things that you are learning are so amazing – writing, math, science, music, computer, art, gym (you still do not love gym class but you did tell me that Mr. N is a “big, funny guy”!), and most of all religion. You talk daily about ways to talk to God and I see you growing so much in your understanding of and love for Him – you pay attention during mass and we talk about it afterwards. There are some parts of school that don’t come as easy to you, but we are finally getting to a place of agreement where you will always try your best – because my little firecracker, that is all we will ever ask of you. Please try your best always and never fear that we will be disappointed or frustrated with you over something that doesn’t appear to be perfect. No one is perfect, and no one perfects any new skill without practicing and trying.

9.26  (17)

You are such a goofball and your personality is really evolving into one just overflowing with imagination, surrounded by silliness and genuine love for the people in your life. You spend almost all of your free time at home coloring (or some other art related project) or playing with your dolls/barbies/etc. creating different stories and adventures for them. 7.20  (2)

Being a big sister is something that you truly excel in. You have been so patient with Aleesia (most days!) when she wants to play with your dollhouse or your princesses too. Now that you share a room, neither of you like to go to bed without the other and I can hear you telling her “time to go to sleep, Aleesia!” or when she wakes up in the morning or after her nap you are first to run to her. Sometimes you have tried to get Aleesia out of her crib but usually you either jump in there with her or just play entertain her until we can come in and help. You love to pick out her clothes and are always concerned about what she is doing. And that big sister love is already showing with the new baby even if she isn’t here yet. You talk to her in my belly and love to sit with your hand on my stomach to feel her move. Being a big sister is a lot of responsibility but you take it all in stride.9.13  (4)

Dance is still your favorite thing – you are in the big girl ballerina class and hip hop this year and you love it! You are doing a great job at swimming, too! You love to go on adventures, you still have quite the fashion opinion, and you always have a lot to say! We are still working through some attitude problems at times (but we are all allowed to be grumpy and have have a bad day sometimes!) but you have grown and matured so much, especially recently.

You are helpful - you do your chores and even a few extra things when we need your help; you are respectful – you use your manners and treat adults with respect even when we aren’t around; you are kind – you are often very concerned about how your actions will affect others.

Lately you have been wanting to snuggle up on the couch a lot when  you are tired and I certainly take advantage of that!  You continue to love princesses, you want to live at Disney World and you want to be a ballerina and a horse rider when you grow up (and maybe a singer!).PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_7058010777

So today, we celebrated your very merry unbirthday with pink cupcakes and a happy birthday song, complete with candles during an after dinner tea party. And you were so excited – you wear all of your emotions on your sleeve and there is nothing more I love than seeing the pure joy you express when you are happy!

My not-so-little girl, you just constantly amaze me. And that spark in those blue eyes remains shining bright. I love you so much it hurts some days and I am so proud of you just for being you!3.98.13  (114)



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