Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sleep Sacks! (#productreview)

Last summer I posted about an awesome product that I was introduced too – the Merino Kids Sleep Sack.
And I am here to tell you that we STILL love this thing. And by we, I mean Aleesia. She slept in her precious sleep sack all winter long and was snug as a bug.  We never had to worry about her being cold and she knows that when that baby is on her changing table it’s bedtime. It served as the perfect cue for bedtime.
The other best part about this product? How incredibly well it holds up! Aleesia literally slept in the same sleep sack for almost a year and after many washings, unfortunate middle of the night vomit episodes, and general baby sweet it still looks brand new! In fact, we have two of these now and I honestly can’t tell which one is the new one and which isn’t! The zipper is still flawless as well. Plus with the generous sizing she has plenty of room to grow!
Aleesia has been sleeping more and more without this lately but if she ever has a restless night we put her in the sack and she is out like a light! I think the weight is comforting to her at this point.
Since the peanut usually only wears this to bed I unfortunately don’t have any updated pictures of her in her super awesome sleep sack, but take my word for it, we are HUGE fans!
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And because we are such huge fans we want to share some great coupon codes with you so you can get your own (they make GREAT gifts too!)
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**This product was provided to me for review but the opinions, and cute baby, are my own**

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