Thursday, June 26, 2014

room sharing


One of the things that has to happen before the new baby (I am still sort of in shock by this phrase!) arrives is moving Gianna and Aleesia into the same room. A very small room, may I add. We want to do this sooner than later to work out the kinks that I am sure are coming.

I’ve figured out the furniture arrangement for the room, when the time comes and I am sure the closet will be organized appropriately.

But what I haven’t figured out is how we are going to manage bedtime with two girls who have different bedtimes. Aleesia is typically in bed before 7:30 and goes down pretty easily. Gianna is typically stalling to go to bed from 8 until at least 9. She has been stalling even more than usual lately (thank you mr. sunshine for staying out so long, but also we need room darkening shades STAT!) and just generally not wanting to go to bed

So for anyone who has gone through this before and for anyone who wants to offer their advise, here are my questions:

  1. How do you manage bedtime with 2 kids in the same room when one is asleep much earlier than the other. What do I need to say or do to get it through the big one’s head that being quiet is very important when she goes to bed? I’ve already told her that if we have problems at bedtime she will have to go to bed before Aleesia, which she of course didn’t like.
  2. What can we do to make the room feel special for Gianna? She says she’s excited about it, but I’m not buying it yet! I might need to post some pictures and get opinions in a different post!

What is with the bedtime stalling, anyway? tonight Gianna told me she couldn’t sleep because she had an itch in her ear! I give her 10 points for creativity on that one, at least!


JoyBelle said...


All three of my girls share a room but they're older. Elaina is 9 and she likes to read so I let her stay up and read but she has to be quiet. She's not the problem, though, LOL! She'll stay quiet and read and read and read.

The 7-year-old and 4-year-old like to pick on each other. I guess I don't really have any ideas since they started sharing when they were a little older. The two younger girls also stall and come downstairs with excuses on why they can't sleep still. I think they honestly think they're missing out when adults get to stay up! I don't think they realize us adults usually catch up on cleaning, reading blogs or crashing in front of the TV!!!

Sometimes I think something is going to be so hard with the kids. Then they surprise me. I know so many kids share rooms because there simply aren't any other options and they do well. The kids love having someone near and may even sleep better. Perhaps Gianna will even want to go to sleep because she's not all alone. :-)

Just the Tip said...

Following lol we have a 3yo and 4yo we need to get into the same small tiny room! And they both have different bed times as well.