Thursday, November 28, 2013


This year has been simultaneously hard and not-so-hard, complicated and simple, long and the shortest one yet. 

That’s what happens though, huh? It all just goes by in a blur, when you reflect back even when there were days/weeks/months that may have felt like they could not have gone slower.

I will tell you that there were many times this past year when I wasn’t sure where things were going next, how anything good could possibly happen amongst all of the hard things we were dealing with.  But there were more times when I just gave it over to faith and felt assured that yes, things were going to be okay.  We have received so very many blessings this year, small ones that meant the world to us at the time they occurred, big ones that came at the perfect time and of course the biggest blue-eyed-smiley little blessing that we couldn’t imagine life without.


I hope that overall, your 2013 has been amazing, even if there were a lot of hard days throughout.

For each of you who stops over to visit my little corner of the internet Thank you!

And for every blogger friend who I have been awful at keeping up with lately, remind me to come visit!

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