Thursday, November 21, 2013

Longer out than in

Holy COW!

I blinked and this little bitty baby

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is now this little bitty grown up baby


She is NINE MONTHS and TWENTY DAYS OLD. It blows my mind.

Aleesia took her sweet time coming into her own, but she has decided that food is yummy, all the toys must be played with and smiling is her favorite.

Just in the past month or so she started to say dada, hi (with waves!), and just this week mama (finally! yay!), and bye.  She’s not always consistent, but she says them each with a purpose.

She started crawling weeks ago but is quickly picking up speed (there are barbie shoes to hung for, afterall).  A few weeks ago she pulled upon the couch, using her mouth for leverage, and hasn’t looked back since – she stands up on anything that could potentially be sturdy.

And last night? she actually played peek a boo with me and stood with no hands. And laughed hysterically!

And this morning? She cruised the length of the couch.

SLOW IT DOWN, my little friend.  No need to beat big sister in the insanely early walking category, I promise!

Speaking of her mouth, she has an unsymmetrical three bottom teeth to her four top ones. Teething is NOT her favorite. Or anyone else’s for that matter. But she’s cruising through those teeth so hopefully it will be over soonish (G had all her teeth by her 1st birthday!).

She naps fabulously for her Aunt Krissy in the afternoons and is doing better going to (& staying) sleep at night. Food really is her favorite – she loves the actual activity of eating and so far has liked everything we have given her except for green beans and broccoli.


Cheerios are her favorite snack. She’s still pretty small for her age (just over 15 pounds, 6 month clothes, lots of awesome hair), but I personally really like her portability!

And her thighs are getting some chunk on them – it’s pretty fabulous!


She generally tolerates Gianna’s regular attempts to carry (drag?) her around the house and loves nothing more than to be wherever her big sister is.

Nine months you were inside, which seemed like a relatively long time.  Nine months you have been outside which seems like an insanely quick blur.  But one thing is for sure, you are one special amazing girl whose smile makes me one happy mama!

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