Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Changes

Aleesia is 7.5 months old – I swear to you, I don’t know how it happened. But here we are, with this cute little grown up baby living in our house! 

A cute little grown up baby who has finally outgrown her colic (thankyousweetjesus) & smiles a LOT, is quite stingy with her giggles and is generally still awfully particular about life. But seriously, she is super smiley and happy and starting to become so much fun!

8.21  (1)

(she likes me even though I am gone all day!)

Let’s give a recap of Miss Aleesia’s growing-up over the past month or so.

We started trying baby food about 6 months – she really wasn’t that interested, which, was fine.  She got the hang of it at about 6.5 months, though it is still hit or miss as to if she wants to eat or not.  We are getting more “hits” lately at 7.5 months.

So, she eats food.  And can pick up food. (yay, puffs!) Sort of.

7.30  (4)

(it’s no wonder she doesn’t always want to eat. someone is always creating the best distractions!)

And then after shoving All Of The Things in her mouth allthelivelongday for months 

9.1  (6)8.11  (13)

(exhibits A and B of Things in The Mouth)


Her 2 bottom middle teeth snuck in. Then 1.4 of the next 2 bottom teeth snuck in.  I can’t get a good picture of those little suckers to save my life, but trust me, they have erupted. And they are sharp.

Gianna is so excited that she has teeth, it’s pretty hilarious.

At about the same time she got those little teefers – she decided she could sit up! Alone!

9.9  (22)

It’s a whole new world when you can SIT and play with toys.

9.2  (17)

(especially because it means you can play with big sister’s toys, obviously)

But sitting was not enough of a developmental skill for this one, practically in the same day she decided that army crawling backwards was also in her skill set.

Any day now, she is going to be moving forward. Like, crawling for REAL. She gets up on her hands and knees and based on her disrupted sleeping patterns at night she MUST be working on a new skill.  (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now learn to crawl and go to sleep)

9.2  (1)

(I got this, mom, really….)

She’s still a peanut girl – size 1 diapers, I just moved her into 3-6 month clothes, easily portable, I say!

She also babbles constantly. Waves and gives high fives, when she feels like it.  Aleesia’s personality is quickly developing and it is fun to watch – sometimes she is tries to be loud, but mostly she is the smiley, shy one.  She gets really sad when I leave the room some days and has all but perfected the pouty lip. Her tiny snuggles are still The.Best.Ever.

It all just happens so quick – it amazes me.

8.25  (7)

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JoyBelle said...

Oh my goodness, her eyes are so mesmerizing! Gorgeous girl!!!