Thursday, July 25, 2013

this and that

Everything is just madness. Chaos. All over the place, it seems as of late. So, a few quick updates on life are in order – mostly for memory keeping purposes.

Gianna Update:

If I though the age of 3 and life with my adorable threenager was a challenge – the age of 4 is bringing that challenge to a whole new level.  We have All of the Attitude going on lately – and then, in the next breath, All of the Sweetness as well.  Keeping up with Miss G and her ever evolving moods is a full time job at the moment.

She will be starting soccer in the fall and has decided she wants to dance again this year as well.  But her summer social calendar has been PACKED – she has time with her grandparents, aunts, and/or friends a few times a week.

Gianna does crack me up so much – she was having a little tiff with one of her friends today and said “I decided to just quit being her friend today then” and she told me the other night that if she took the bones out of her feet she would stay little.  I need to do a gianna-ism post soon, she is witty that one!

Aleesia Update:

Aleesia will be (I have no idea how) 6 months old next week – so a more formal update on her coming soon. But! She just learned to roll from her back to her front and thoroughly enjoys rolling around the living room!  She also enjoys her feet – a lot – and to smile and laugh at her sister.

She is still full of the reflux – and literally spits up on me the moment I walk in the door every single day. But her kidney reflux hasn’t gotten any worse, so that is good news.


Life Update:

My sister and I are doing a couch to 5k running program together – and I am doing some high intensity workouts (I finished the 30 day shred!) on days I can’t get outside to run.  My goal is to workout at least 3x a week and so far, I have been able to meet (and sometimes exceed!) that.  We also joined a crop share and get lots of yummy food each week!  It has helped us broaden our fruit and veggie horizons so that is good stuff as well!  The extra fruit and veggie consumption combats the growing coffee addiction that I have going on right now.

We are just busy – as usual – I feel like there is no way to keep up with All of the Things right now.  I KNOW it’s part of the whole newborn haze, but still, it frustrates me.  I just want to have enough time in the day to hang out with the girls, hang out with mike, go to work, get the laundry/dishes/cleaning done and still be able to work out, relax, socialize etc.  Oh, and you know, schedule some time to sleep and eat. I am also very clearly delirious and need to work on altering my expectations of life right now!

Mike is rocking out the stay at home dad role these days – he usually has dinner on the table when I get home (yay!) and does fun stuff with the girls.  The house might not always be super clean, but I think he handles things close to the way I would at least 70% of the time.

We are going on vacation soon so I am trying to figure out what we need to get and pack and whatnot.  In the midst of scheduling an unexpected home repair and a car repair.  I keep trying to plant this elusive money tree but it keeps dying. I don’t know what is up with that…

A picture update coming soon – I hope!



raisingmiles said...

I feel you on the keeping up with All of the Things! You're doing great though. Keep it up!

seussgirl said...

The chaos, oh the chaos. I am apparently not rocking the sahm thing, dinner is rarely on the table when dh gets home. (I blame it on not ever knowing when he will get home), and my house isn't even close to clean. Like your impossible plans, I have this vision of getting everything under control when the twins start kindergarten (!!), but am trying to keep in mind that it's only 2.5 hours a day!
You're doing great!

JoyBelle said...

We're going to Branson next month - where are you going on vacation?! Can't wait to hear about it!