Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Randoms

  • PhotobucketWhy don't people comment on blog posts? I can see how many page views I get and how little comments I get... I know when I actually take the time to (finally) read I try to comment too.  Hmmmm...
  • Speaking of reading - I switched to Feedly and I'm not 100% convinced I love it. Although, I haven't tried the mobile app yet.  Anyone have a new reader they love that you can read online and through a mobile device? Bonus it it lets you get to the content easily so you can leave comments!
  • There was a HUGE storm here the other day. And I left my windows down in my car. Because, well, I am a genius obviously.  My car seats are still drying out....
  • We are part of a crop share and I LOVE it.  We split it with my sister's family and it is seriously enough food for both of us (and we use everything between the two of us so I don't feel like we are wasting much, if anything). 
  • I plan to make some baby food with some of our produce.  Which means I should actually you know, make the food and freeze it for when she's ready for it.
  • Related to that - we have tried three times now to start Aleesia on solids because she watches us eat and seems to be interested in the process.  Except when you actually try to feed her - she cries, pushes the spoon away, spits the food out, etc. At first I thought maybe she just doesn't like the cereal, but she was having no part of the bananas we tried last night.  I'm TOTALLY okay with this (feeding a baby is a lot of work!) just surprised! We'll try again after her half birthday in a few weeks.
  • How in the WORLD is she going to be 6 months old soon? Sheesh.
  • I need to prepare a teaching demo for Tuesday. And I haven't started it yet... I have no idea why I am slacking on this.
  • Also slacking on doing anymore research on the PhD program I found.  Have I asked if anyone has experience with Capella University? If you do - can you comment/email me so I can pick your brain?
  • Work has been going well and that makes me happy.  Little stress, many opportunities coming up - just the way I like it!
  • I have been working out pretty consistently.  I finished the 30 day shred (and saw real results) and am starting the couch 2 5k program (if it ever freaking quits raining here) with some interval workouts on the "off" days.  If I can aim to workout 4 days a week, I think that will fit into my schedule well and won't stress me out too much.  I have a lot more to say on this topic soon! (I hope?!)
  • I have been talking to my sister about my niece's first birthday. Again - how in the WORLD can her first birthday be approaching? Nuts!
  • What's new with you - anything fun happening?


Deborah said...

I use bloglovin. It is fairly similar to google reader. I just miss being able to see my number if subscribers in google reader, but I do like it.

And the reason for no comments...I blame smartphones!

Delenn said...

I like to read blogs, but I think Deborah is right--smartphones make it hard to comment.

Oh, and usually, I am sneaking a peek on my blog buddies while I am at, um....I cannot comment because I am supposed to be working!

But I try to go back and comment when I can. :-)

E said...

Feedly mobile app is awful, in my opinion!

JJ said...

6 months already -- that's CRAZY!!!!

I wonder the same thing about commenting...but I am guilty of not commenting as well.

Have a great weekend!

seussgirl said...

My phone eats all of my good comments, so I blame smartphones, too. Way to go on the exercise! I need to find something I can stick with.

dayna said...

I love your blog, I have read it since before Gianna was born;)


dayna said...

I love your blog, I have read it since before Gianna was born;)