Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome Home, Baby Sister

birth story parts 1 and 2

It was part of our birth plan to have Gianna be the first person to meet Aleesia – it was really important to us that she get that honor.

But you know what they say about plans…..

Have you heard how crazy the flu is right now? One of the things I was worried about was a visitor ban at the hospital that would keep Gianna from visiting.  And the hospital we delivered at had a very strictly enforced policy – no kids under 14. Period.

So, Mike & I had to come up with a new plan between contractions!  I was pretty upset at first, but it was out of my control.  We decided that she couldn’t find out that mommy was in the “hosbibal” or that sister was here yet.  Remember, she was already at Gram’s house.  We relied on my sisters to entertain her over the next few days & they did awesome. G had no clue what was going on, but she was sure mommy & daddy were picking her up after work! 

We came home at 11pm on Saturday night & my parents were bringing G home in the morning Sunday – Mike & I missed her so much, we could hardly stand it.  We were so anxious for her to be home!  My mom told G mommy & daddy might have a special surprise, to which she said something about how she already has a lot of toys!


So, I took Aleesia to her room to get changed & Mike set G’s big sister gift, with some special balloons, in the living room.  She saw Mike first & I heard her ask where I was. So, I walked into the living room with baby sister.

She looked at me, then the baby, then my stomach with serious concentration.  She said, is that baby sister??

So we checked her out – she was fascinated!

2.3  (9)2.3  (10)2.3  (14)2.3  (20)

She checked out her big sister gift – to which she said thank you to baby sister.

2.3  (29)

I can’t believe the immediate love I saw between Gianna & Aleesia – it was pretty magical.

2.3  (22)2.3  (59)

Gianna sang to her,  loved on her, held her, gave her some pets and then “called” her friends to tell them all about baby sister.  She was so proud.

2.3  (72)2.3  (77)2.3  (97)2.3  (103)

She loves her baby sister & is so sweet to her.  Gianna is a great helper, she looks after her sister, she talks about all the things she wants to teach her.

2.3  (114)IMG_2075

We have our moments as far as how Gianna reacts to mommy & daddy – she is a threenager after all.  So, we are all adjusting to our new roles and can’t wait to see their relationship grow.



PCOSChick said...

So adorable! My baby brother brought me a big sister gift almost 28 years ago & I still have it :)

JoyBelle said...

This is so precious! What a wonderful GIFT of sisterhood!!!

Delenn said...

What a wonderful way to introduce the girls to each other! Congratulations!