Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bullet Points, FTW

  • How is it possible to be so exhausted from attending conferences? I don’t know but OMG it IS!
  • Also traveling and having crazy early/late flights doesn’t really help the exhausted cause.
  • But both things I attended last week were really educational and a little (or a lot!) bit fun.
  • It’s pretty crappy to be away from your family for a week but technology rocks. FaceTime is pretty cool, in case you were wondering.
  • Also – I am pretttty sure Gianna aged at least 6 months while I was gone – she just seemed so much older to me when I saw her Sunday.
  • Work is nutso, it’s busy and has totally turned me off from wanting to even touch my computer in the evenings.  Which can be an issue since I often have OTHER work to do when I get home.
  • Which in turn has pretty much taken away all of my blogging, blog reading, picture editing, and all other previously-held desire to look at the internet.
  • I’m in major planning mode for my sister’s baby shower – things are coming along well and it’s going to be SO CUTE!
  • I’m also heading into major planning mode for our Disney trip – I’m going to make a “countdown to the princesses” calendar with some fun things to do/open/etc. along the way.  Should be pretty fun and hopefully build the excitement for Miss G.
  • Speaking of Miss G – she is going camping with my parent’s this weekend and is SO EXCITED! I know they will all have a great time.
  • I’m totally addicted to House Hunters, you guys. It’s ridiculous!
  • Fill me in on what’s happening – I have the best intentions to fight through my Google reader soon!
  • OHH! and a huge shout out to Suzy for the awesome new blog design – I love it a lot! AND 100% of the proceeds from her blog design & Etsy shop (she makes awesome bracelets!) go toward their adoption fund. 


PJ said...

OMG, the Cleveland Zoo is awesome! We didn't even get to see it all.

What do you think about Memphis Kiddie Park? I'm curious to know.

Also, Cornerstone Brewery in Berea is so much fun! I swear our waiter was like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure... (or he just had a few tokes on his way to work) haha! But he was very cool. And the beer and food were yum!

The new blog design is cute. I love the color scheme.

We've watched a lot of House Hunters International.

alison said...

Love the new design, it's so super adorable!

We're watching our quarters grow for Disney next spring. B takes every penny he finds and puts it in our vacation piggy bank, it's so fun. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!