Monday, April 25, 2016


If I didn't write this stuff down, I wouldn't remember to laugh about it later. Or something.

Truth is, I feel like I've been stuck in an episode of Punked the past few days. I don't know who I pissed off along the way, but I'm sorry for whatever I did/didn't do and/or said/didn't say.

Let me recap:

Thursday evening Aleesia had a problem choosing a towel after her shower which ended in a giant tantrum, her barely putting her PJs on and just general ridiculous threenage attitude.

Friday afternoon during her "nap" Aleesia got into perfume that was in Gianna's room. She spilled the perfume on herself & her blanket which she then wanted to wash. Thankfully I came to check on her before she figured out how to open the new bottle of detergent!

Later that same day, when I thought she was coloring a picture, she was actually coloring on HERSELF!  Arms, legs, hands in black marker because she wanted to be like Cat Girl.

While I was handling her, the dog was then a muddy muddy mess who also needed a bath!

Saturday & Sunday were super crazy and filled with only minimal tantrums and minimal terrible things.

Monday, however was tough. The highlights include a dog that escaped & ran around the culdesac for 25-30 minutes while the older kids screamed & cried that she'd be gone forever while I couldn't chase her and had to make dinner.

Then  a tantrum over washing hands (which had literally just been washed)
And the icing on the cake? Vivian vomited all over herself on the way to dropping Gianna at PSR. It was the. Worst.

After I got everything cleaned up, kids asleep, etc. I stubbed my toe on the baby gate and just decided the day was over! I grabbed some Reese eggs and went to lay in bed!

I have to laugh at this stuff because this is life and life happens (& because I would cry or scream too much otherwise) but really, white flag is flying over here! I always felt fairly put together and like life was decently organized/structured but increasingly I just feel like I am a hot mess 98% of the time and that's totally fine as long as dogs stop running away and kids stop puking in their car seats, because cleaning those things are just awful.

Plusandalso, thankfully the kids are still adorable despite their antics!

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This is hilarious. Take this all in because when you are an empty nester years from now you will miss this all. Great post! Found your blog on