Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monthly Update

Since I can only seem to get my crap together roughly once a month - quick update with pictures from my phone that will definitely post out of order.

First grade is serious, you guys! But public school has proven to be a great change for G as she is getting the academic attention she needs.

We went to the fair! We love the fair!

I am lucky to have had the same beat friend for like 25 years. We are also lucky to have gotten a picture where almost all of our kids are looking!

We went to the beach! And jet-skied with dolphins. And loved on the ocean. And ate great food. and made awesome memories with our whole family. And is it time to go back now PLEASE???

Aleesia started dance and she is sure that she is a hotshot ballerina! Gianna started dance and is doing jazz and ballet - we are SO HAPPY with our new studio. They are both going to learn so much!

Our house will be ready SOON and we are so looking forward to it!

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