Monday, June 8, 2015

Saying Yes

I have found myself saying "no" or "not right now" and "maybe later" a lot lately. Life has been moving ahead at warp speed the past few months, especially and I forget that to the kids, life moves a tad slower & certainly with much less stress.

As I was packing, Gianna found some old silk nightgowns that I haven't seen in forever.

This sparked her imagination to life. She decided Cinderella was coming for a birthday party.

She dressed up.

She ushered Cinderella to the door.

She entertained her guest with good conversation & reminisced about how Cinderella came to her 5th birthday.

And eventually we had birthday cake ice cream to celebrate.

Because this was something I could say yes to. And why not? She had a great time playing dress up & entertaining her favorite princess.

I need to remember these little things bring these little ladies the most joy.

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Annegirrl said...

I've been trying to say "yes" and "right now" more these days too. I'm guilty of trying to push off the things they want to do with me way too often.