Monday, May 4, 2015


We all know that being an adult can be less than the fun we imagined it would be as kids. Aside from the random decision to have ice cream for dinner one night last week (which the girls were totally confused by!) the past few weeks have just been very Adult.

We are finally ready to move out of our small 5-year house into a bigger 20-year house, which should be super exciting. Except it has been super stressful! The market is so fluid that anything that meets our needs and doesn't look like it is straight out of 1989 moves quicker than we can schedule a showing. This leaves us with 3 choices: wait it out and obsessively check; look outside of our desired area; build

And we honestly can't decide which direction is the right one for us. We both feel sort of overwhelmed and our pro/con list for each option are similar in length so that isn't helping! We hope the right decision makes itself glaringly obvious soon!

There are other decisions that needed to be made this week that I just didn't want to make and events that I needed to attend because I am an adult, after all, even though I didn't want to at first. 

All in all life lately has been just running at full speed ahead and I feel like I can barely hang on sometimes. While I don't expect it to slow down, I hope I can get a better grip soon. In the mean time, being on the ice cream and liquid grapes.

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