Thursday, August 1, 2013

a letter to my {second} daughter: your first unbirthday

Miss Aleesia -

I have no idea how in the world your first 6 months have flown by so quickly.  It seems impossible, really that just 6 months ago I had one of the most empowering, beautiful experiences of my life bringing you into the world.

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And you have been making your mark on our family ever since.   And I am happy to say that even though it has only been 6 months, you fit in like there was never life without you.  It’s magical really, how someone so new and so small can have such a huge impact on the word family and the amount of love a heart can hold.

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A really good friend told me never to worry if I would have enough love for both Gianna and you – because your heart just grows to fit the new love in.  She was right.

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You are a snuggler with this perfect way you fit right into my shoulder and, more commonly, the crook of my left elbow.  I enjoy just sitting with you, enjoying your sweetness all to myself, even if it is only for a few minutes.  It’s probably the only thing I miss about breastfeeding – but we still get our quiet time in.


We know it’s been a rocky six month start to life – tongue ties, reflux, problems with milk proteins, low/slow weight gain, hospital stays, kidney reflux, daily medicine, so much spit up, breastfeeding problems, colic, nap-cotting, so many tears.  We are still using alimentum, you eat anywhere from 4-6 ounces 4-5x a day and literally, every single day when I get home, you spit up on me.  I like to think it’s because you are so relaxed around me…

But there is a lot more smiling, giggling, cooing, baby talking, playing and more happiness these days.  The best thing is your recognition – when Gianna walks into the room, your face lights up and I am pretty sure your eyes don’t leave her.  When I get home from work? I get the BIGGEST smile from you and so much excitement until I am able to pick you up and get a snuggle in.  And, every time I kiss your cheek, you giggle.  Which I think is so awesome!


You love your toes the most

IMG_32017.4  (36)

But also your wubanub, your lovie third and anything that makes a crinkle noise. Aleesia – you are a drool machine at the moment and you LOVE to keep your hands, shirt, my necklace, whatever you can find really in  your mouth.  You roll all over the place and are trying to sit on your own – but usually your toes distract you!  Bath time is your favorite time and you love the pool.

6.9  (19)IMG_3290DSC_0744

We have tried rice and bananas with no success. We tried peaches this week and you seemed to like them enough to take more than one bite, so that’s progress!


You aren’t a huge nap fan, but you love to be snuggled in for bed.  We either do a one arm swaddle or use a sleep sack – either way, you are comfy and that is all that matters.  And! You just started waking up so happy – it’s fun to come in to your big gummy smile first thing in the morning.

Time flies constantly but I try to soak up the little moments.  The quiet moments.  The snuggles.  The smiles.  You are our peanut with the smile that lights up the room. 


Happy six month unbirthday, peanut!

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we love you much!




Deborah said...

She is so cute and looks so much like you!

It's fun to see them developing personalities, isn't it? C loves crinkly things, too.

JoyBelle said...

Great, great, great post! She's so cute! I love the line about how our hearts expand to love MORE when we have another child; it's not divided.

Silas is getting into the smiley age and staying awake more. I'm so eager for him to really interact with us more. But also sad to see him grow!